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Dynamic Architecture.

David Fisher designed the first rotating skyscraper.

This proposed luxury apartments will be located in Dubai, scheduled for mid-2010 will have a homonym in Moscow in 2011.

It consists in prefabricated parts that are coupled to a central structure, Fisher says that this will reduce costs, but also warns that by now are only accessible to people with a high purchasing power, couse the m2 will cost around 20,000 € ($30.000). These pieces will rotate around the axis of the building's owner as they want, even the architect ensures that who decides to buy a house can park your car in front of his apartment.

Fisher also spoke of the energy demand of the building, which, because of the dynamism offered, is naturally high, assured that in part is solvent through wind turbines and solar energy.

With this project, Fisher and his team intend to convert its tower an icon of the city of Dubai, a somewhat ambitious, we can remember that are in construction various projects competing for that same post, however the incorporation of dynamism an architectural project of this size will mark the career of Italian architect and possibly a new stage in the world of architecture.

Dynamic Skyscraper


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